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Offer Blocker: What's In It for Me?

February 02, 2016

Congratulations! You’ve got the interview. Your resume has been reviewed, and you are technically pre-qualified for the job. Your education, skillset, industry experience, achievements, tenure, and career progression place you as a viable candidate. What can possibly prevent you from receiving the offer? YOU.

When making an employer and potential employee match, it is important to achieve a win-win for both employer and potential new hire. Save the “What is in it for Me?” negotiations for the offer stage.

Avoid asking these “offer blocker” questions during your interview.

  1. How often may I work from home?
  2. Will I get to have my own office?
  3. Will I get a company cell phone?
  4. Will I have access to an onsite gym?
  5. Where can I find the nearest Starbucks?

An interview is an opportunity for you to learn about a courting employer, its people and culture, products and challenges. This is your opportunity to learn, as well as present that you have the right attributes, including hard skills and soft skills, for the job. This is your time to relay the contribution and value you are ready and willing to deliver in your new role. This is your time to ask “What can I do for YOU?”

Instead, ask these “contribution” questions during your interview.

  1. What are your top compliance challenges that I can help to resolve if selected?
  2. What EHS programs are you seeking to develop or improve, and how may I assist?
  3. If offered the job, what deadlines are approaching that I may assist with data gathering?

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