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4 Considerations If You Are Entering the Job Market

September 18, 2017

As the U.S. job market gets stronger, potential job seekers are finally ready to make a move. Before you hit the job market there are several things to consider:

Best timing - For the majority of industries September-October and January-February are the best times to look for a new position. These low periods for vacation mean the decision makers are all at work allowing for faster candidate selection and interviews. Keep in mind for some industries such as the EHS sector, hiring can be heaviest as reporting season is ramping up.

Resume ready - Have it ready! If you are open to different types of positions have multiple versions ready for each of your focus areas. When a potential employer has to wait on a resume it can reflect as non-interest or bad time management.

Be ready to negotiate - Know the areas you are willing to relocate to and the cost of living differences. Consider your current lifestyle and note things like amount of vacation and state income tax.

Check your social media - Employers look at this closely. Check your posts and your photos to make sure everything is sending the right message about you. For LinkedIn this is a good time to invest in a professional photo of yourself. Pictures with family, at after hour parties, or photos of you from inside your car should be moved to your other social media pages. Keep LinkedIn the place for the professional you.

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