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Top 5 Reasons Employees Leave Their Company

May 14, 2014

Retaining top talent is always a concern. Here are the top five reasons why we see candidates entering the job market.

  1. Personal and professional growth and development - Sometimes a new job is the best to option to forward one's career. This is very common with candidates who believe his/her boss' role is their next career step or if it seems the boss will have the role indefinitely. Companies that have branching career path options may have a better chance at retaining employees.
  2. More money - Need we say more?
  3. Instability - When companies go through re-organizations, employees often have a knee jerk reaction to look elsewhere. Candidates take the proactive approach just in case layoffs are in the near future. You know the sayings - better safe than sorry and the early bird gets the worm.
  4. Bad press - Negative news stories and criticism not only hurt your public reputation but it can also hurt your employee relationships. Many candidates look for companies they can be proud to work for since their employer's identity becomes part of their personal identity. When companies are projected negatively in the news, employees start looking to avoid tarnishing their personal reputation.
  5. Location - Sometimes candidates want to target geographic areas where their current employer may not have opportunities. We often encounter this with candidates in the mid to late stages of their careers who are attempting to return to their hometowns to help aging parents.