Trispyrian Resources Placement Search Options

Trispyrian Resources offers multiple options to meet your specific staffing needs. Each candidate is selected based on a close match between your needs and his or her experience and availability.

Direct Hire a Trispyrian Resources Candidate

Trispyrian Resources works as a liaison between hiring companies and potential candidates. After thoroughly screening potential candidates, Trispyrian presents a list of the most qualified candidates for review. We coordinate phone and face-to-face interviews to explore the fit between the candidate and the position.

Some organizations may want to determine if candidate is a right fit for a permanent position and may choose a contract-to-hire option. This employment scenario allows for “best fit” flexibility with the intent to hire. You have the time and opportunity to evaluate a candidate's work performance, skill level, and cultural fit before committing to permanent employment. Once satisfied, Trispyrian will proceed with the permanent hiring process.

On-site Service Providers (Contractors) from Trispyrian Resources

When a permanent/direct hire is not feasible or needed, Trispyrian associates are available for long-term contract assignments. Our associates act as part of your team for an extended period of time with employee benefits provided by Trispyrian. Each associate assignment is based on a close match between your technical needs and his or her experience. The hourly compensation for our associate will be based on the experience level of the position and the experience of the selected candidate. At any time during our associate's assignment, should you decide to make an offer for permanent employment, simply contact your account manager and we will facilitate the hiring process.

Trispyrian Resources does not charge to search for potential candidates. Our fee structure is based on the selected employment option. Companies are billed for our services after the candidate begins working at your facility. All fees are paid by the hiring company.