Benefits of Trispyrian's Superior Search

By working with Trispyrian for your engineering and environmental staffing needs, you save time and effort compared to traditional recruiting efforts. The benefits include:

  • Technical screening - Trispyrian's unique ability to screen a candidate's technical knowledge narrows your interview group to only a handful of highly qualified professionals that meet your exact requirements.
  • Simplified process - Our understanding of facility operations provides insight into the skills and qualities desired by hiring managers, simplifying the hiring process.
  • Our network -Trispyrian has been helping industry clients find top talent for more than a decade, we have a broad and deep network of potential candidates with proven skill sets.

Other Benefits

Hiring contract staff from Trispyrian Resources as on-site service providers for extended contract assignments can benefit employers in five areas:

  • Reduced costs - Using associates from Trispyrian reduces the cost and effort associated with recruiting, employment benefits, and training typically associated with hiring permanent employees.
  • Rapid deployment - Trispyrian specializes in identifying qualified candidates who have the necessary knowledge, background, and skill set to meet an organization's engineering or EHS needs and to be immediately productive at the assigned task. Trispyrian can provide staff quickly and once the project is complete, the assignment ends along with the fee.
  • Reduced risk/enhanced compliance - On-site service providers from Trispyrian can be “custom ordered” according to the knowledge and skills an organization needs to meet its objectives.
  • Redirection of permanent staff - Trispyrian's associates are often assigned to perform routine, day-to-day tasks, freeing up permanent staff to focus on more strategic issues. This arrangement can maximize higher-level thinking from staff with specific company knowledge, while ensuring that short-term obligations are also met.
  • Flexible hiring - By starting with a temporary assignment, the employer and associate are able to determine if they are a good match for a permanent position, should that be an option. In the event that an associate is found to be a good long-term fit, the placement fee is typically offset by fees already paid under a temporary services contract.