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Sr. Environmental Specialist

Job Id: 2951
Industry: Building Materials
Location: Dallas, TX
Job Type: DirectHire

Job Description

The Sr. Environmental Specialist will provide critical support to the EHS Leader to ensure the environmental day to day requirements and strategies of the facility are met. 




  • Execute the Environmental & Sustainability Requirements of the facility



  • Drive and maintain compliance with Environmental operating permits, such as US EPA Title V air permits, Municipal Waste Water permits, and State or local Storm Water permits. 
  • Implement and maintain environmental programs such as air and water compliance, above-ground and underground storage tanks, spill prevention and control, hazardous waste and materials management, solid waste recycling, and employee training.
  • Implement and maintain environmental monitoring and recordkeeping to satisfy requirements of the plant’s operating permits. 
  • Knowledge of key required Environmental recordkeeping or reporting tools like, “STEERS”“TierII Submit” “TriMe, etc.
  • Identify and support Environmental initiatives and processes to drive towards zero non-conformities and/or NOVs. 
  • Manage all aspects of the plant’s Hazardous waste, Solid waste, and Universal waste within Federal, State and Local guidelines.  
  • Support the EHS leader in driving a robust Environmental Management System. 
  • Assist in providing regulatory guidance to facility leadership team and plant personnel.
  • Assist in executing required Environmental testing of air, water and water sources.
  • Work with Division resources to facilitate Corporate Sustainability reporting, GHG reporting, MACT and other current or pending regulatory requirements
  • Maintain a presence on the plant floor to fully engage employees, contractor and vendors in the sound environmental management process, expectations and requirements.
  • Participate in the plants efforts to engage the entire workforce to build a powerful E&S culture.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of all critical Environmental processes, programs and procedures.
  • Drive sustainability efforts, including waste-to-landfill reduction, energy intensity and water intensity improvements, and recycling efforts
  • Serve as the plant energy leader and work with Division resources to implement improvement projects
  • Lead the Environmental sub-committee team toward achieving annual objectives
  • Evaluate critical environmental metrics regularly to ensure continuous improvement in the processes.

Live the Safety Stand, adhere to the safety responsibilities.



  • Federal, State and Local Environmental requirements.
  • Plant Safety metrics – RIR, first aids, near misses, SAFE and Critical 6 Scores.
  • Plant Environmental metrics.
  • Corporate and Division Metrics for Sustainability improvements/footprint reductions.
  • Feedback from plant EHS Leader and environmental network.


Knowing Our Customers


Continuously elevates the Environmental awareness and perspective of self and others by knowing our environmental responsibilities and our products, and manufacturing processes. The Sr. Environmental Specialist applies this knowledge to successfully influence other plant personnel to make sound environmental decisions on a day to day operating basis. 


Job Requirements



  • 3-5 years of experience working in an industrial or manufacturing environment
  • Bachelor’s degree – in Environmental discipline is strongly preferred
  • Management Systems experience is a plus
  • Leading change management efforts


Knowledge and Abilities:


  • Lead by example and encourage teamwork and effective communication.
  • Past work with work with Government agencies is beneficial
  • Experience with programs like Excel, Access, and Process Explore/IP-21 required.
  • Experience with management systems is beneficial.


Personal Characteristics:

The specific Leadership Capabilities required for success:

  • Confident hands on approach
  • Collaborate and Foster Teamwork
  • Follow Through on Commitments
  • Generate Ideas
  • Inspire and Energize Others
  • Self starter

Uncompromising  stand in meeting environmental requirements

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