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EHS Supervisor

Job Id: 3048
Industry: Building Materials
Location: Mobile, AL
Job Type: DirectHire

Job Description


This position will support and coordinate programs and activities with respect to safety, security and environmental services at the operating facility.  Take direction from site Environmental Manager and Safety Manager to implement steps necessary to maintain compliance with applicable laws and regulations.  Assist in the implementation of Environmental and safety best practices.



Implement safety management systems, which include written standards, training requirements, monitoring/auditing elements and corrective action steps.  Systems shall exceed compliance and create value added enhancement to plant operations whenever feasible.

Evaluate, audit and help manage all routine activities required by facility environmental permits, including sampling, inspections, data management, report preparation and submission.

Implement environmental health programs and upgrade with continuous improvement as the objective.  Programs include Hearing Conservation, Radiation Safety, Respiratory Protection, Heat Stress, and Drug Free Workplace, among others.

Perform administrative functions outlined in the environmental management system (EMS) manual for the facility.

Maintain effective standardized tools to monitor the success of safety management systems and identify opportunities for improvement.

Provide personal leadership and professional guidance to operations in performance of safety management requirements including incident investigation, safety training and communications, inspection and auditing, hazard assessment, and implementation of site business safety plans.

Function as the point of contact for any local, state, or federal regulatory inspectors in the absence of the respective Environmental or Safety Manager.

Provide supervision to contract security service.

Typical duties to include, but not limited to:

Coordinate and participate in safety committee meetings

Perform indoctrination training of new employees; plan and coordinate safety and environmental training, as required

Coordinate and conduct routine plant audits and physical inspections to determine compliance with safety and environmental laws and EMS program.

Work with facility Human Resource Directors and Safety Manager to maintain the Safety Accountability Policy

Evaluate, specify and audit the proper application of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Maintain and update as needed existing cardinal safety programs including:

                  - Fall Protection

                  - Mobile Equipment Operation

                  - Lockout/Tagout/Tryout

                  - Crane Operations

                  - Confined Space Entry

                  - Electrical Safety

Attend professional training classes and periodic business association meetings

Conduct and supervise incident investigations

Track completion of corrective actions identified through audits or investigations

Directly interact with the Plant Operations Manager and Senior Management staff members in the determination of loss prevention objectives and the development of objective attainment plans in the absence of or in concert with the Safety Manager.

Maintain appropriate records in accordance with Safety, Security and Environmental Policy and related regulations and statutes.

 Insure that all waste materials are properly stored, and shipped off site for disposal.  Responsible for signing and proper filing of manifest for any hazardous waste shipments.

Obtain current Material Safety Data Sheets for all products being used at the facility.

Develop routine reports required by permits or environmental statutes for review and submission by the Environmental Manager.

Perform or coordinate any sampling activity required by permits or directed by the Environmental Manager.

Function as the Emergency Coordinator for any environmental, safety or security response activities in the absence of the respective Environmental  Manager or Safety Manager.

This position reports directly to the Environmental Manager on issues related to environmental services.  This position reports directly to the Safety Manager on issues related to safety or security. 



B.S. in related field, with 2 years relevant experience

Experience in Heavy Manufacturing

Professional Certification

Experience and/or formal education in Environmental Program Management

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