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Process Safety Manager

Job Id: 3088
Industry: Chemical
Location: Houston, TX
Job Type: DirectHire

Job Description

Process Safety Manager

The Process Safety Manager is to provide, process safety leadership. Position will be responsible for developing and setting process safety policy and for the corporation.

The Process Safety Manager is responsible for the development, implementation and ongoing support of Corporation’s Process Safety Standards, Process Safety Management (PSM) and Risk Management Plan (RMP). 

·         Lead Process Safety Management (PSM) program implementation improvements via development and/or sharing best practices between different facilities.

·         Develop PSM requirements, policies, procedures and best practices in conjunction with different departments (Businesses, HSE, Performance and Engineering Departments)

·         Work with corporate leadership to ensure Corrective Action Plans and Tracking are established post PHA/Hazop. Develop a plan that routinely evaluates past due action items making sure they are expeditiously addresses.  Report on the overall status of PHA Action items, compliance audit action items, process safety studies, audits and regulatory submittals.

·         Ensure sufficient PSM training processes and toolkits are available and implemented throughout the corporation.

·         Manage two PSM Engineers in specific service areas. These individuals provided a range of PSM services to the operating sites.

·         Lead Process Hazard Analyses/Hazops, ensure that plant PHA leaders and participants are trained in proper PHA/Hazops are led by qualified personnel.  Review results of PHAs/Hazops for quality and thoroughness.

·         Lead or assist plants/PSM Engineers in leading Process Hazards Analyses (PHA) for major risk projects (both Capital and/or Maintenance) by providing expert support in PHA methodologies.

·         Provide support for Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA) reviews of those risk scenarios requiring further assessment post PHA review.

·         Work with the Audit Manager to ensure that PSM compliance audits are conducted every three years and cover all elements of PSM.

·         Conduct/Participate in audits and Facilitated Self Assessments. Review self-assessment program and results of plant PSM self- assessments as part of quality control.

·         Assist plants in their Hazard Assessment (Off-Site Consequence Analysis) modeling in accordance with local requirements and as required under RMP.  Conduct RMP updates as needed and ensure resubmittals are made every five years.

·         On an as-needed basis, participate in select Pre-Startup Safety Reviews (PSSRs) prior to startup of new or modified processes or equipment or after extended shutdown of equipment.  Periodically review site PSSRs in conjunction with H&S Managers for quality and completeness.

·         Participate in Process Safety Event investigations/root cause analyses on an as needed basis.  In conjunction with site management teams, track progress of corrective actions where business wide issues are identified.

·         Provide guidance concerning PSM matters and assist the Corporation’s outsourced security provider in conducting Site Vunerability Assessments (SVAs) on an as needed basis.

·         Provide leadership and guidance for local process safety requirements (e.g. PSM/RMP programs, ATEX) to ensure compliance and consistency across plants.

·         Support plants when interface is required with local regulatory agencies as it related to PSM.

·         Regularly consult with other experts and PSM best practices within their region/business.

·         Monitor regulatory changes, publicly available information, and significant incidents at plants.


       Minimum Requirements:

·         Bachelor’s degree in Engineering required.  Preferred discipline in Chemical or Mechanical Engineering.

·         Minimum of 15 years plant experience with a broad technical understanding of plant operations.

·         Relationship building abilities with regulatory community and externa public interest/community groups a must.

·         Proven ability to lead teams, influence operations, and build consensus opinions. Strong leadership/change agency skills are a must.

·         Detailed knowledge of US PSM/RMP regulatory requirements. Local/state regulations and foreign equivalents desired.


·         Travel to plants/sites within North America, South America, Europe, Middle East and Africa.   Travel estimated at 50%.

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